In order to effectively build your brand, we start by asking the right questions to understand your business model, your audience and what unique attributes we can promote. Once we have a clear understanding of your vision for the company, we can begin to develop a logo identity. After several approval and feedback stages we have a great logo to act as a foundation for your brand. We can develop a website, social media, stationery, packaging and marketing to fully integrate your brand into the marketplace and set you above your competition.


Character Design

A great character can be remembered for a lifetime and can breathe new life into your brand. It opens up the playing field to animation, comics, toys, games and a whole host of creative advertising and marketing avenues.


We’ve designed packaging for all of the major toy companies, including; Marvel, Disney, Cartoon Network and DC Comics. We can work with style guides and create custom illustration work in-line with your brand aesthetics. We know how to make your product stand out on the shelf with print techniques and eye-catching layout.


Do you have an idea that you are having trouble visualizing? Whether it’s a product you’d like to manufacture or a TV concept you are pitching - it’s so valuable to be able to clearly convey your ideas to potential clients or investors. Strong visuals go a long way to helping them share in your vision. We provide a full range of concept services including; storyboarding, product turnaround sketches, powerpoint presentations, photo editing and animatics.

Creative Direction

Creative Director, Mark Greenbaum has experience in recruiting and developing talent for in-house design teams. He enjoys inspiring and directing designers to ensure projects are cohesive and of a consistently high standard. It always helps to have a creative who understands the big picture and is able to bridge the gap between clients and designers.