It all starts by asking the right questions!

Once we know where you’re at and where you want to be - we can create a logo identity that clearly represents your company.

Your logo acts as the foundation - on which we can build your brand. We are here to help you stand out from the crowd.


Character Design

A great character can be remembered for a lifetime and can breathe new life into your brand.

It opens up the playing field to animation, comics, toys, games and a whole host of creative advertising and marketing avenues.


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We have designed packaging for major toy companies, including; Marvel, Disney, Cartoon Network and DC Comics.

By utilizing print techniques and eye-catching layout, your product will get the attention it deserves.


Mark has an amazing eye for adaptive performance driven creative. He has produced numerous display, mobile and social ads for some of the largest brands. He excels at pushing the envelope and continuing to challenge the norm, taking outside the box to a new level. As a lead creative director, he was able to manage and scale the network efficiently – always demanding the highest results.
— James Tedori -Director @ Boost Media
Very talented and creative graphic designer. HIGHLY recommend!
— Annette Einhorn - Director of Marketing and Events @ Stamford Downtown Special Services
I have worked with Mark Greenbaum on many projects in the past in animation development and game creation. He is a terrific designer and cartoonist. He has created a very successful comic series in the UK and a toy line based on it as well. He is hard working, a fast learner and always dependable. I recommend Mark highly and I promise you will never regret bringing him on your team.
— Bob Camp - Director @ Nickeldeon.
We used Mark for a number of projects especially more detailed projects that required real insight into the needs of the client. We never hesitated to turn to Mark for anything other than the simplest of tasks. His commitment to quality a timeliness was what we valued most.
— Rob Lenderman - Chief Product Officer @ Boost Media